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About Biogents

Biogents USA is an affiliate of the Biogents AG that is located in Germany. Biogents’ scientists develop and produce mosquito traps and mosquito attractants.

“How does a mosquito find its host? And what can you do about it?”

Answering these seemingly simple questions was the work of Dr. Martin Geier and some of his collegues at the Institute of Zoology at the University of Regensburg in Germany. More than twelve years were put into both the analysis of the composition of scents and odors that were attractive to mosquitoes and finding the key factors that influence the behavior of these important disease vectors.

The primary motivation behind this research was the application of the results: to develop better methods to control mosquitoes in an intelligent, environmentally safe, and targeted manner. In 2002, Dr. Geier and his collegue Dr. Andreas Rose founded Biogents.

Today, Biogents AG is an innovative company on the forefront of mosquito control research with an excellent reputation. The company is home to 27 staff members and is composed of two business units that complement each other: the development and production of highly efficient mosquito traps and a contract research and development sector in the field of mosquito repellents and related products.

Research and development (R&D) remains a strong point of the company: Biogents’ scientists continue to develop and refine the expertise and the products the company offers.

Download a PDF with a list of the scientific publications of our researchers >


In the product sector, Biogents develops and produces patented mosquito traps which exhibit capture rates that are multiple times better than those of other designs. That is why, for example, Biogents traps are being investigated as a means for combating dengue fever as well: a project that is supported by the World Bank, the Bill-und-Melinda-Gates foundation, and state agencies in Brazil.

Today, the spectrum of Biogents mosquito traps ranges from devices that are used by scientists, health-care specialists, and other professional users worldwide (BG-Sentinel) to those that are used by homeowners (BG-Mosquitaire).

PDF Please click here to download a PDF with a list of scientific studies on Biogents traps >



In our contract research sector, we offer a broad range of methods that can be used to investigate the different modes of action of repellent products: mosquito repellent lotions and sprays, special textiles, repellents acting over a distance, and similar products. Here, Biogents advises, researches, and develops by contract or carries out product comparisons, and provides proofs of effectiveness.

In the meantime, excellent contacts with formulation chemists enabled Biogents to offer also the complete development of mosquito agents.


The Biogents Team


Martin Geier

Dr. Martin Geier
Member of Management Board

Anrdeas Rose

Dr. Andreas Rose
Member of Management Board

More about Dr. Martin Geier

Martin Geier studied biology in Regensburg and investigated the sense of smell of mosquitoes in his master’s thesis and doctor’s thesis. He did post-doc work in the Department of Entomology at the University of California in Riverside where he concentrated on the orientation of insects according to scents. After returning to Germany, he became director of the mosquito work group at the Institute of Zoology in Regensburg. A number of field investigations of mosquitoes led him to Brazil. He is a member of the American Mosquito Control Association, the European Mosquito Control Association and the Institute of Biodiversity. Dr. Geier speaks German and English.

More about Dr. Andreas Rose

Andreas Rose studied biology in Regensburg and at the University of Colorado in Boulder. In his master’s thesis and doctor’s thesis, he concentrated on the host-finding behavior of the Chagas’ bug, Triatoma infestans. After his post-doc work at the Regensburg Mosquito Lab, he worked for a producer of essential oils and plant extracts in France. There, he was responsible for research and development and for production and quality assurance. He is a member of the European Mosquito Control Association, the Pan-African Mosquito Control Association, the Society of Vector Ecology, the European Network for Arthropod Vector Surveillance for Human Public Health, and the German Association for General and Applied Entomology. He is also a member of the German National Expert Committee “Mosquitoes as Disease Vectors”. Dr. Rose speaks German, English, and French.

Dave Avery

Dave Avery
Member of Management Board

Will Golland

Will Golland
Member of Management Board

More about Dave Avery

Dave Avery has had extensive experience in senior management roles within the pest control industry. His most recent role was as president of the Curtis Gilmour group, where he was responsible for the acquisition of Agrisense and Silvandersson, integrating these businesses into the business and growing both revenue and profit of the overall group. He also managed the business through the acquisition by Pelsis. Having previously worked with Agrisense he was involved with Biogents as a supplier and supporter in the early years of the business, helping to develop trap and lure sales. He has finally joined the business in an official capacity to help drive the next stage of Biogents growth.

More about Will Golland

Will Golland joins the management board of Biogents with 20 years senior commercial experience in the pest control industry. Having built and developed global manufacturing businesses at Bell Laboratories and Woodstream Corporation across multiple product categories, he brings significant commercial and management experience to add to the team. Over the past two decades, he has supported change and development in the industry through work with both National and European Associations. Will is now focussed on the future progression of Biogents global sales across both professional and consumer channels. He speaks English and French.


Ulla Gordon

Dr. Ulla Gordon
Human Resources Manager

More about Dr. Ulla Gordon

Ulla Gordon already worked at Regensburg University´s mosquito group as a student and joined the company in 2002. Her PhD thesis investigated so called “push-pull” control strategies for the yellow-fever mosquito Aedes aegypti, in particular the combination of BG-Sentinel traps with plant-derived spatial repellents. Between 2005 and 2018, Dr. Gordon was the head of Biogents´ contract research and development branch but lately took on a new, exciting challenge as our human resources manager. If you who wish to apply for a job at Biogents she is the right person to contact. Despite her new tasks, she did not turn her back on science. As a member of Biogents´ internal Scientific Advisory Board she continues to consult and analyze current research projects in our scientific sector. Dr. Gordon is a member of the European and American Mosquito Control Association as well as the Society of Vector Ecology. She speaks German, English, and Portuguese.



Jennifer McCaw

Jennifer McCaw, M.Sc.
Head of Sales and Customer Relations

Key Account Manager


Petra Schultheiss

Petra Schultheiss
Key Account Manager

Latin America & Middle East

More about Jennifer McCaw

Jennifer McCaw studied zoology at the University of California in Santa Barbara, and received her Master of Science degree from the University of Regensburg. In her master’s thesis, she optimized formulations of attractive odor mixtures for malaria mosquitoes for the mosquito contamination devices of the MCD project. She is head of sales and customer relations, organizes the international dispatch of the traps to distributors, and is the contact for the Biogents sales partners. Ms. McCaw speaks English and German.

More about Petra Schultheiss

Petra Schultheiss joined our team in April 2017 after several years working for a European NGO in the field of protected areas where she was in charge of project development and membership relations. She now supports the Biogents’ sales team as Key Account Manager, making sure that our international distributors get the products and information they need. As a geographer and cultural scientist by training, she naturally has a big picture view on many subjects. This paired with her passion for traveling comes in handy when it comes to building up new markets around the globe. Mrs. Schultheiss speaks German, English, Spanish and French and understands Portuguese.

Astrid Schuhbauer

Astrid Schuhbauer, M.Sc.

Key Account Manager

Europe & Africa

Johan Knols

Johan Knols
General Manager Southeast Asia

More about Astrid Schuhbauer

Astrid Schuhbauer studied Biology at the Universities of La Rochelle, France and Vienna, Austria. Afterwards Ms. Schuhbauer gained first experience in mosquito control by identifying mosquito breeding sites in the March-Thaya wetlands in Austria and applying Bacillus thuringiensis (Bti) to suppress larval development. She joined our testing service department in April 2012 but moved on to the Biogents´ sales team in January 2018 as a key account manager for the European market, particularly Germany and France. Ms. Schuhbauer speaks French, German, and English.

More about Johan Knols

After having worked in the tourism industry in Africa for many years, Johan made a switch to the world of mosquitoes end 2013. He battled malaria mosquitoes as a Field Operations Manager for the EU-sponsored ‘MCD-Project’ in Tanzania and the ‘Eavetube-Project’ sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Ivory Coast. Johan is since the beginning of 2017 working in Cambodia, where he set up an office under the name of “Biogents SEA” (Southeast Asia). His main task is to extend our network of (sales) partners in Southeast Asia and to push Biogents’ products to the next level. Johan speaks Dutch, German, English and Kiswahili.


Hanna Rose

Hanna Rose
Head of Online Shops

Yvonne Weissflach

Yvonne Weißflach
Online Shops Customer Support

More about Hanna Rose

Hanna Rose studied German and English linguistics at the University of Regensburg. Since 2011, she takes care of the Biogents Webshops for professionals, researchers and retail clients, in both Europe and the US. Ms. Rose organizes the dispatch of the ordered products and is the point of contact for any questions related with the online orders. She speaks German and English

More about Yvonne Weißflach

Yvonne Weißflach finished an apprenticeship as an office clerk in real estate and housing business in Munich in 2001. After completion she worked in the same company in Regensburg for 15 years where she was responsible for several departments such as financial and tax department, administrative area, etc. Starting in January 2017 she now supports not only the Biogents management board but also the entire Biogents team. In 2019, she extended her professional activities and joined Biogents´ Webshops to take care of customer requests. Ms. Weißflach speaks German and English.


Brigida Napolitano

Brigida Napolitano
Customer Care

Maria Nikolayczik

Maria Nikolayczik
Customer Care

More about Brigida Napolitano

Brigida Napolitano joined our customer care team in March 2020. She graduated in Foreign languages and International Relations in Italy. Since she moved to Regensburg, she has been working in Nature conservation for the EUROPARC Federation in the area of membership and office management. At Biogents, she works as first point of contact for the customers, managing customer requests and providing customer service and assistance with payments, billing, technical support and other general inquiries. Ms Napolitano speaks Italian (native speaker), French, English and German.

More about Maria Nikolayczik

Maria Nikolayczik studied International Relations and Management at OTH Regensburg. As part of her studies she spent one year in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. She completed several internships in corporate environments and examined the innovative power of intercultural teams in her thesis. Most recently she worked in sales for a Tech Startup and moved on to join Biogents in April 2020 to support the Customer Care Team with full force. Ms Nikolayczik speaks German, English and Portuguese.


Scott Gordon

Dr. Scott Gordon
President Biogents USA & Senior Scientist

More about Dr. Scott Gordon

Scott Gordon received his PhD from Colorado State University. He has over 40 years of experience in public health entomology, and is Board Certified in Medical and Veterinary Entomology. He previously worked for the Ohio Department of Health Vector-borne Disease Unit and served as a medical entomologist in the US Army Medical Service Corps. He has conducted research on a wide range of topics in vector biology and authored or co-authored 35 publications. Dr. Gordon is a member of the Entomological Society of America, the American Mosquito Control Association, the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene,  Society of Vector Ecology and the European Mosquito Control Association. Dr. Gordon serves as President, Treasurer and Secretary of Biogents USA and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board. He coordinates field research studies involving Biogents products and serves as a liaison for the company to mosquito control and public health agencies, university researchers, the US Military.


Ingrid Wittmann

Ingrid Wittmann
Head of Accounts and Procurement

More about Ingrid Wittmann

After her training as office clerk at the Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) and her training for foreign language correspondence (IHK), Ms. Wittmann switched to the chemical industry. At Bristol-Myers Squibb GmbH she worked as an export clerk and later as a personnel clerk for DSM Fine Chemicals GmbH. Since July 2012, she has worked for Biogents as our commercial assistant. Besides preparing company and finance accounting, she handles payment transactions, and is responsible for purchasing and procurement of goods. She is continuously developing and improving our merchandize management system. She coordinates the flow of goods between national and international suppliers, our production facility, warehouse, and international distributors. She organizes the logistics for import and customs. Ms. Wittmann speaks German and English.


Silke Goettler

Dr. Silke Göttler
Customer Service and Project Monitoring

More about Dr. Silke Göttler

Silke Göttler studied biology at the University of Regensburg, Germany. In her master’s thesis and doctor’s thesis she concentrated on cryptic endemism in several crab species using population genetics and morphometric techniques. Phylegenetic, phylogeographic, and ecological questions were parts of her study. Since 2012, she supports us in customer service, project monitoring and development of mosquito protection in gardens, restaurants, hospitals, and camping sites. Ms. Göttler speaks German and English.


Maximilian Epple

Maximilian Epple, M.Sc.
Research Scientist for internal Research & Development

Michael Weber

Michael Weber, Dipl.-Phys.
Dipl.-Phys. – Technology Development

More about Maximilian Epple

Maximilian Epple is a state-approved biotechnical assistant and studied biology at the University of Regensburg. During his Master’s thesis at the Cell Biology and Plant Biochemistry department he focused on a putative amino acid transporter in the thale cress, Arabidosis thaliana. Maximilian Epple joined Biogents internal R&D department as a research scientist in April 2018. He is responsible for the scientific part of product development such as testing and evaluating novel trapping systems, synthetic lure development and other product innovations. He speaks German and English.

More about Michael Weber

Michael studied Physics at the TU Clausthal-Zellerfeld and the University of Bremen, and did his thesis work in Mass Spectrometry. After completing his graduate degree, he moved to Silicon Valley where he worked for over 25 years developing instruments for the scientific and semiconductor industry. He has been awarded 15 patents. When working on a project supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Michael got hooked on mosquitoes and technology to fight them. Michael joined our team in early 2016, and is responsible for the development of optical sensors, hardware, and software for the detection and classification of mosquitoes in connection with the EU-sponsored REMOSIS project.

Armin Kordus

Armin Kordus, Dipl.-Ing. VT (FH)
Product Development & Quality Assurance

Farooq Tanveer

Farooq Tanveer
Electrical Engineer & Technical Researcher

More about Armin Kordus

Armin Kordus studied Process Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences of Regensburg. He is responsible for design and engineering in the development of the Biogents mosquito traps, their quality assurance, and technical documentation. Mr. Kordus speaks German, English, French, and Turkish.

More about Farooq Tanveer

Farooq Tanveer studied Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) where he received his Master of Science degree. He did his master’s thesis in finding efficient and cost effective renewable energy solutions for rural areas of developing countries. After working at TUM for a while, he joined Biogents in February 2017 as Electrical Engineer to work on the development of innovative indoor and outdoor electrical products for repelling vector mosquitoes. Mr. Tanveer particularly works on embedded systems hardware and software, which includes the development of schematics and circuit diagrams, layout design, development and testing of PCB and programming & troubleshooting of microcontroller based designs (ASIC). He speaks English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi , and he is also learning German.


Sergej Sperling

Sergej Sperling, M.Sc.
Contract R&D: Laboratory Director

Shuang Li_

Shuang Li, M.Sc.
Mosquito Management

More about Sergej Sperling

Sergej Sperling studied biology at the University of Regensburg. In his master’s thesis, Sergej investigated a novel separation method for extracts in chemical ecology. Sergej joined Biogents in 2014 as part of the EU funded MCD (mosquito contamination device) project and was involved with the development, implementation and evaluation of new anopheline control techniques under semi-field and field conditions in Tanzania. After the completion of the project, Sergej moved to Biogents´Contract Research & Development department in 2017 and took over the role of Director in 2019. He is responsible for lab- and field investigations on the effectiveness of anti-mosquito products and is the point of contact for general questions on efficacy testing of biocidal products, especially PT 18 (Insecticides) and PT 19 (repellents). Sergej speaks English, German and Russian.

More about Shuang Li

Shuang Li studied Biology at the University of Regensburg. In her master´s thesis at the Biochemistry department, Shuang characterized processome submodules of the baker´s yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae. She joined our team in 2020 and is responsible for our mosquito breedings. Shuang speaks Mandarin, German and English.

Margit Lindner

Margit Lindner
Mosquito Breeding Specialist

More about Margit Lindner

Margit Lindner has been in charge of Biogents mosquito breeding from the very start. She is a psychologist by profession, and we can’t say whether that is the reason she has such good rapport with mosquitoes – at any rate, we can always count on Ms Lindner to provide us with enough active and hungry female mosquitoes for our experiments at any time. Ms. Lindner speaks German and English.


Ingeborg Schleip

Ingeborg Schleip, Dipl.-Biol.
Head of Marketing

Christian Müller

Christian Müller
Marketing & Design

More about Ingeborg Schleip

Ingeborg Schleip studied biology at the University of Regensburg. After completing her thesis in developmental biology on neurodegenerated mutants of Drosophila, she studied N- and O-Glycosylations in the Golgi of yeast with the Plant Physiology Group. After receiving training as digital publisher, she changed her focus, and followed a new path as a media designer, teacher of Biology and Chemistry, and then as marketing manager in a biotechnology company. Since April 2013, she has worked for Biogents in marketing and the field monitoring program and is now leading the marketing department. Ms. Schleip speaks German and English.

More about Christian Müller

Christian Müller is a trained photographer and digital publisher. After having worked for 10 years as designer in Digital Works and authoring for CD-Rom, Blu-Ray and DVD, he changed into movie-marketing. In July 2017 he joined our marketing-Team and supports us here in the areas of web, social media, video production and the creation of illustrations, picture- and printmaterial.

Carolin Degener

Dr. Carolin Degener
Marketing, Social Media & Scientific Writing

— on maternity leave —

Jennifer Hermann
Marketing & Social Media

More about Dr. Carolin Degener

Carolin Degener studied Biology in Regensburg and obtained her phD in Parasitology from the University of Minas Gerais in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. She had her first contact with Biogents during her time as an undergrad student when she worked as a test subject for our repellent tests. After three internships in our company she decided to dedicate to mosquito research and investigated yellow fever mosquito mass trapping in her master’s and phD theses. After a post-doc at Fiocruz in Rio de Janeiro where she worked in a project that developed a real-time dengue alert system for many Brazilian municipalities, she came back to Biogents in 2016. She supports the marketing team, performs data analyses of our studies and writes scientific publications. Carolin fluently speaks German, English, and Portuguese, and understands French.

More about Jennifer Hermann

Jennifer Hermann joined our Marketing team in September 2020. After completing an apprenticeship in business administration and sales, she worked at Deutsche Telekom before she started to study in Regensburg. Initially, she wanted to become a teacher in German and English for secondary school but switched back to business administration after a few semesters. She studied Business Economics at the OTH Regensburg and mainly focused on marketing, Employer Branding and business consulting. During her studies, she worked in marketing & PR for a tech start up and gained some knowledge in social media management, among other things. She is still passionate about tutoring, proofreading and consulting and works as a freelancer on the side. Mrs. Hermann speaks German, English and a little bit of Spanish and French.

Carlos Garcia Salvatierra

Carlos Salvatierra Garcia
Spanish Translations

More about Carlos Salvatierra Garcia

Carlos Salvatierra Garcia provides translations for keeping our Spanish documents, print material, and website uptodate for our Spanish speaking users and customers. During this process, he has become very close and familiar with the benefits of our traps and services.


Ludwig Danner

Ludwig Danner
Biogents‘ janitor

More about Ludwig Danner

Ludwig Danner started his career as a banker. Later he became a carpenter, and the last ten years he has been renovating apartments. He is responsible for the workshop, the usual janitorial duties, and everything else what is required. He speaks Bavarian and Standard German.



Office dog


Office dog


Office dog

More about Polly

Polly joined the company in 2014, shortly after she left Bucharest to settle in Regensburg. She supports the team mentally and physically and monitors all company-related activities with great enthusiasm, especially during lunch breaks. Polly understands different languages – if it suits her – and is a member of the ESDA (European Street Dog Association).

More about Amy

A long office day can only be survived in yoga position.

More about Olli

Olli is living proof that our mosquito traps and pets are compatible.