Backyard tiger mosquito control
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Biogents Trap System – comprehensive protection against tiger mosquitoes outdoors and indoors

The best results are achieved when Biogents’ traps work together. The perfectly tuned teamwork of Biogents Trap System ensures success outdoors and indoors.

Outdoors: BG-Mosquitaire + BG-GAT

The addition of the passive BG-GAT trap to the highly effective BG-Mosquitaire suction trap adds another dimension to your control effort of tiger mosquitoes (Asian tiger mosquito and yellow fever mosquito) outdoors. Tiger mosquitoes are predominantly found in subtropical and tropical countries where they can transmit diseases like dengue fever, chikungunya, or Zika. In the US, they are invasive species that have become significant pests and potential disease vectors throughout much of the southern half of the United States from California to New York.

While the BG-Mosquitaire targets tiger mosquitoes that are seeking a bloodmeal-host and want to bite you, the BG-GAT targets tiger mosquitoes that are looking for a place to lay their eggs. Each egg-laying female that is trapped can eliminate 50-100 offspring from the next generation and prevent the potential for disease transmission from virus infected mosquitoes.

With these two strategies, you can reduce your current mosquito nuisance as well as the next generation of tiger mosquitoes.

Indoors: BG-Home

Of course mosquitoes are not only found outdoors they also enter the house. In this case, the BG-Home indoor trap can help: it captures tiger mosquitoes and other flying pest insects inside the house.

Recommendation: BG-Booster CO2

Should you want to increase your outdoor catch rates even further, the best solution provides the BG-Mosquitaire plus CO2. The addition of CO2 in combination with the “BG-Booster CO2” makes the BG-Mosquitaire even more captivating for the broadest range of mosquitoes including flood water or dawn biting mosquitoes. The upgrade set “BG-Booster CO2” helps disperse the optimum dose of CO2.

Biogents BG-Mosquitaire and BG-GAT outdoor traps - part of the Biogents Trap System
Biogents BG-Mosquitaire and BG-GAT outdoor traps - part of the Biogents Trap System
Biogents BG-Home indoor trap - part of the Biogents Trap System
BG-Mosquitaire trap with the BG-Booster CO2 and a CO2 bottle

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