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Biogents products: mosquito traps and mosquito attractants

Mosquito traps

Biogents mosquito traps are the result of more than 16 years of academic research into the behavior of mosquitoes. They can control mosquito populations and significantly reduce mosquito biting pressure and nuisance.

Biogents is one of the leading mosquito trap manufacturers. The traps are not only used worldwide by professionals, healthcare experts, researchers and private customers but also mentioned in more than 400 scientific publications: Click here to download a list of scientific studies with Biogents traps.

Mosquito attractants

Our artificial skin odor “BG-Sweetscent“, which is EPA registered, serves to enhance the attractiveness of mosquito traps. In scientific studies it could be shown that the BG-Sweetscent enhances the attractiveness especially for tiger mosquitoes and yellow fever mosquitoes.

Biogents offers three different mosquito traps. The main outdoor trap BG-Mosquitaire can be used with or without CO2:

BG-Mosquitaire >BG-Mosquitaire CO2 >BG-GAT >BG-Home >
BG-Mosquitaire CO2 against all mosquito species
BG-GAT against egg-laying tiger mosquitoesBG-Home inddor trap
Where to placeoutdoorsoutdoorsoutdoorsindoors
What it doestargets biting mosquitoestargets biting mosquitoestargets egg-laying mosquitoestargets biting mosquitoes
Targeted mosquitoesespecially effective against tiger mosquitoeseffective against all mosquito species incl. house and flood water mosquitoesespecially effective against tiger mosquitoesespecially effective against tiger mosquitoes and other insects that enter the house
Characteristics of target mosquitoes
day biting, small, black/white striped, very aggressivenight or day biting,
wide variety in characteristics
day biting, small, black/white striped, very aggressiveday biting, small, black/white striped, very aggressive
CO2 attachmentnoyesnono

Biogents Trap System – stronger together

The best results are achieved when the traps are used together. The perfectly tuned teamwork of Biogents’ Trap system guarantees the most effective success outdoors and indoors. More information about the Biogents Trap System >

Study in Cesena, Italy, that measured mosquito bites on test persons in areas equipped with Biogents traps versus areas not equipped with Biogents traps.

Reduce your mosquito nuisance by up to 85 % with Biogents traps!
Read more about this and other studies and publications >

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