Backyard tiger mosquito control

Recommendations of the Biogents mosquito traps

Leonard Heifetz, California (bought a BG-Mosuitaire) 



Alex Robinette, Texas (bought the BG-Mosquitaire)

“Hello, my husband bought the BG unit that attracts Asian tiger mosquitos and it is working so well after 2 weeks, that I felt confident to post it on Facebook and […] I believe in your cause and would love to see the broadcast spraying be banned. Thank you!!”


Recommendation from a resident in Dallas, TX:

“BG-Mosquitaire is exceeding my expectations. I have been searching for good mosquito traps available USA and in EU. And this summer I have bought and tried six different kinds traps. I am most pleased with BG-Mosquitaire.”

Photo of a typical 24 hours “ harvest “ of the resident in Dallas, TX
Photo of a typical 24 hours “ harvest “ of the resident in Dallas, TX

Daniel L. Kline, PhD from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

“I have been asked to write a letter in support of Bio Gents Gmb H’s nomination for a Tech Awards in the Health Category for their new trap technology, which is featured in their BG-Sentinel trap. I have enthusiastically agreed to write this letter because I believe this trap has the potential to help monitor and quite possibly lead to the control of several important vector borne diseases. Specifically diseases associated with pathogens vectored by Stegomyia mosquito species such as Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus…”

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BG-Sentinel trap

Patrick Guerin, Director of Research, Université de Neuchâtel

…For this reason I can recommend the use of the BG Sentinel trap as a device with which to reduce the risk of dengue infection in the domestic environment. In addition, the trap can serve as a warning system for inhabitants of the presence of the disease vector….” 

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Christopher Curtis, Emeritus Professor of Medical Entomology, (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine)

“… Of 4 types of traps tested the BG trap was clearly the most effective….”

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Scott A. Ritchie, PhD, Medical Entomologist, Queensland Government, Queensland Health

“…The research clearly showed that the BG sentinel trap was highly effective at collecting dengue mosquitoes, more so than other methods. Furthermore, it did not require costly dry ice, and could provide a collection within 24 hr….”

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