Backyard tiger mosquito control

Biogents mosquito traps:
Videos on how they work and on how to use them

Biogents mosquito traps apply unique and patented technology to attract and catch tiger mosquitoes. The BG-Mosquitaire trap uses one single ventilator to both disperse an attractive plume of human skin scents (the BG-Sweetscent) and to draw the approaching mosquitoes into a catch bag were they die of dehydration. The BG-Sweetscent consists of three substances found on human skin that have been especially formulated to resemble the natural host odors as closely as possible.

Biogents BG-Mosquitaire trap against tiger mosquitoes in the USA

More infos on the best placement for Biogents mosquito traps:

Assembly of the BG-Mosquitaire, the Biogents tiger mosquito trap:

The set-up and use of the passive BG-GAT trap for collecting gravid tiger mosquitoes

An introduction to Biogents mosquito traps:

The air streams produced by a Biogents mosquito trap:

The Biogents tiger mosquito attractant tested in a wind tunnel:

Set-up of the suction funnel with flap